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Meet Reid.

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In 2015, Reid founded Murtaugh Law with the goal of working with business owners and families.  Reid decided to transition his practice away from the courtroom, so he can be more accessible to clients. 

Reid provides outsourced general counsel for day-to-day business legal matters and handles entity formation, business ownership transfers, and business owner retirement planning.  Reid also serves the personal legal needs of business owners and families, including will and trust plans that include all the legal documents that parents need to properly protect minor children.     

Reid was born and raised in Lafayette and graduated from Lafayette Jefferson High School. Reid went to DePauw University in Greencastle, IN and Valparaiso School of Law. Reid then returned to Lafayette to start his law career. 

Reid currently lives in Lafayette with his wife Courtney and their daughter.

Corporate Counsel for Business Owners

Why do you need a business attorney?

Business Owners:  Your business is a prized possession and you should take good care of it. It feels good to know your legal matters are handled.  You probably do not know much about the law. We do. If you wait until you have a problem, the attorney will not know anything about you or your business.  We can get to know you and your business, share our knowledge, and then you can use it to help run your company.  

We can tell you what you need to do to minimize risk and protect the company.  This will make you a better business owner.

We accept new clients for all types of businesses.  We are a good fit for any company that cannot afford to hire an in-house general counsel.

Murtaugh Law Safe Kids Kit

Parents with young children: This is everything parents with young children need to have in place for their children.  You probably understand why you need car insurance in case of a car accident.  You need to nominate legal guardians for your children for the same reason. 

If you leave your children with a caregiver and get in a car accident and are unable to care for your children, law enforcement or child protective services will decide where to place your children the day of the accident.  If you are unable to care for your children for an extended period of time, a judge will have to decide who to name as the permanent legal guardian.  If you have the proper legal documents in place, the judge will know who you want to take care of your children and if there is anyone that you do not want. 

Otherwise, there is no way for the judge to get input from the parents and the judge will make this decision for you.  If there are multiple people willing to help take care of the kids, this could result in a lengthy and expensive court battle, even though everyone has good intentions and just wants to help the children.  You need to name legal guardians because all of this can be avoided.  In most cases, the judge will nominate the guardian that the parents selected and there will be nothing to argue about.

We all see the headlines when tragedy strikes.  However, many people are not aware that the survivors often experience a very long and painful legal process.  That is why we work to educate people in our community so parents know what they need to do to protect their family.

Why do the guardian nominations need to be made outside of the will?

When you choose your temporary and permanent guardians we document that in a separate document from your will.  In addition, we prepare emergency ID cards with the names and phone numbers of the guardians that you can put in your wallet and your glove compartment.  This allows a first responder to know exactly who to call and can help your family find you. Putting the guardian nominations in a will does not do any good on the day of the accident if nobody knows you have a will or where it is located.  

The Safe Kids Kit includes:

  • Nomination of temporary guardians

  • Letter to temporary guardians

  • Nomination of permanent guardian(s)

  • Letter to permanent guardian(s)

  • Instructions to guardian(s)

  • Important healthcare information of minor child

  • Medical power of attorney for minor children

  • Confidential exclusion of guardian

  • Instructions to caregivers (laminated emergency contact numbers to give to babysitters, daycare, nanny, or grandparents with instructions of who to do and who to call in what order)

  • Emergency identification cards (laminated cards with contact information of temporary and permanent guardians that fit in a wallet)

Our clients receive a folder that contains two copies of the laminated instructions to guardian with all of the necessary contact information.  This tells the caregiver who to call and what to do.  The rest of the safe kids kit documents should be kept in a fireproof object with your other legal documents, such as a will or a trust.

The Murtaugh Law Safe Kids Kit is necessary because it includes clear instructions to the people you select to care for your children.  It ensures that people will know where the legal documents are located, what needs to be done, and your plan will actually work if it is needed.

Will and Trust Plans

If you don't have a will or a trust, Indiana law will determine what happens to your property.  

For example, here is what Indiana law says for a married couple with no children:

If one spouse passes, the surviving spouse will receive part of the estate assets and the deceased spouse's parents will receive part of the estate assets.  That means the surviving spouse, depending on how the assets are titled, may have to give away some assets that they thought they owned.

It is even more complicated for a second marriage with children from first marriage.

Overview of Murtaugh Law Will and Trust Plans

  • The process starts with scheduling a 2 hour initial consultation

  • Then we send you a pre-meeting packet to complete and return at lease three days before the initial consultation

  • In the first hour of the initial consultation, you will learn about the difference between a will plan and a trust plan so you can make an informed decision

  • Then you choose your plan

  • In the second hour of the initial consultation your plan is designed

  • The second consultation is scheduled four weeks after the initial consultation

  • At the second consultation you will sign the documents

  • The third consultation is schedule four weeks later

  • At the third consultation, your plan documents will be delivered to you in a binder and your plan will be reviewed to make sure you leave feeling confident in the decisions you have made to protect your family.